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PVI is a leading vending service provider in Perth, WA with the capability to supply machines to any environment with a huge range of products. Our service is fully managed with remote stock viewing to refill your machines as soon as items run low. We keep all units clean and tidy and ensure perfect operation always. This leaves you to run your business with the ease of convenient 24/7 catering.

The PVI range of vending machines are capable of dispensing either drinks only, snacks only or a combination of both, fresh foods such as sandwiches, wraps, pre-packaged meals including noodles and rice, hot drinks, and amenities such as stationary and toiletries. We also have the widest range of products and are totally flexible to provide whatever your space needs. In fact, we allow our clients to choose exactly what they want stocked and constant update machines with fresh new products so you will never get bored.

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